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"Leadership and integrity are natural characteristics that cannot be taught, but they can certainly be honed ... as part of a lifelong commitment."

For over 245 years, the United States Marine Corps has been training strong leaders to make incredibly difficult decisions in chaotic environments with limited information. The secret? First, teach them how to be strong followers. This gives future leaders the empathy and compassion they need to inspire those around them.

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I have always thrived in leadership positions​, whether as the 13-year-old Editor-in-Chief of my middle school's newspaper or as captain of my soccer team or as a Marine officer or as an exploration expedition leader or as an entrepreneur or as a CEO. I now bring those diverse experiences into the corporate boardroom as an Independent Director.

I strive to combine high-level strategic thinking with hands-on operational experience to help companies push the envelope of innovation solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges.


Beyond managing the Boards of my own ventures, I have also served as an Independent Director on a number of for-profit and nonprofit Boards, including:
  • Deep Space Industries (Chairman) (now Bradford Space)
  • Ducky AS
  • Experience Mamoni (Chairman)
  • Mamoni 100
  • Mamoni Valley Preserve (Chairman)
  • NuRide (Chairman pro tem)
  • SynapseMX
  • ThothX
  • WayPaver Foundation (Chairman)



I have served as an Advisor and Mentor to several companies through various programs, including:

  • Current

    • E2MC Ventures

    • Exploration Institute

    • New Vista Capital

    • Orbit Fab

    • Spike Aerospace

  • Previous

    • Atlanta Tech Village

    • BLUE Ocean Film Festival​

    • Center for US-China Technology, Innovation and Development

    • Founder Institute

    • Kubos

    • Marine Technology Society

    • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

    • New Vista Acquisition Corp.

    • Nexxus Ventures

    • Northern Virginia Technology Council

    • RBC Signals

    • Seraphim Capital Space Camp

    • Town of Leesburg (VA) Economic Development Commission


I was born in Argentina, but I spent almost 50 years in the United States, having lived in 7 states and visited all 50 (plus DC and Puerto Rico). I have also worked with companies in Mexico, Panama, and Norway, while conducting business trips to various countries like QatarChinaChile, and the Bahamas. I spent the 2020-2021 global pandemic lockdown living in Switzerland, and in 2023 I relocated to Spain.


Even​ though I concluded my formal academic studies years ago, I continue challenging myself with new experiences that hone my skills as a leader and Independent Director.

  • University of California at Berkeley - A.B., Economics
  • University of California San Francisco College of the Law - J.D.
Professional Development
  • Swiss Institute of Directors
    • "Lessons Learned from the Corona Crisis - an International Board Perspective"​
    • "Crisis management and risk control: How will boards' performance will be judged?"
    • "Has the COVID-19 crisis already set the direction for future supply chains? Is this the beginning of deglobalization as a strategy?"
  • BoardProspects
    • "How to Become a Corporate Director"​
    • "Introduction to Board Service"
  • ExecRanks
    • "Being an ​Effective Director"
    • "M&A at the Board Level"
    • "Strategic Communication in the Boardroom"
    • "The Board's Role in Long-Term Growth"
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